5 Benefits of OOH Advertising

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1 – Wide Audience Reach:
OOH advertising allows you to reach a wide audience as it can be seen by people who are commuting, walking, or spending time outdoors. This makes it an effective medium to target a large number of people, including those who may not be exposed to other forms of advertising like TV or online ads. It provides an opportunity to generate brand awareness and reach potential customers.

2 – Increased Brand Visibility:
OOH advertising provides high visibility as ads are placed in public spaces such as billboards, stations, airports, and bus shelters. This allows your brand message to be displayed prominently, creating a strong impact on consumers. OOH ads are usually large, colourful, and eye-catching, making them difficult to ignore, and can create a lasting impression on consumers.

3 – Greater Engagement:
OOH advertising allows for greater consumer engagement as it can be integrated with interactive elements such as QR codes, NFC technology, or AR experiences. This can encourage consumers to interact with the ad, leading to increased engagement, brand recall, and potential conversions. It provides an opportunity to create memorable and interactive experiences for consumers.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation launches LGBT-QR codes. Each LGBT-QR Code took users to a donation page for the charity.

4 – Flexibility & Creativity:
OOH advertising offers flexibility in terms of ad placement, allowing you to choose strategic locations that align with your target audience and campaign goals. It also provides creative freedom as you can design unique and eye-catching ads that stand out in the outdoor environment. OOH ads can be designed to be contextually relevant, tailored to specific locations or events, and can be easily updated or replaced, giving you the flexibility to adapt your campaign based on your marketing objectives.

5 – Complimentary to other Advertising Channels:
OOH advertising can complement other advertising channels such as TV, radio, print, and digital media. By combining OOH with other forms of advertising, you can create a multi-channel marketing campaign that reinforces your brand message across different touchpoints, leading to increased brand exposure, recall, and overall campaign effectiveness.

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Simon Miller, May 2023