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Ambient Advertising

‘Placing an advert in an unusual or unconventional place where you wouldn’t expect to see it’.

What is ambient advertising?

Placing an advert in an unusual or unconventional place where you wouldn’t expect to see it. This is often referred to as ‘alternative’ or ‘ambient advertising’.

There are numerous ambient media options available to our customers. If you are unsure which method best suits your needs and requirements, please get in touch using the details below OR complete our FREE Campaign Proposal.

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Internal Train Panels
Petrol Pump Advertising
Changing Room Media
Pharmacy/Sandwich Bags
Bus & Car Park Tickets
Beer Mats
ATM Machines
Promotional Staff

What we offer at Focal Point

We offer a complete advertising package for your outdoor campaigns.

If you are extremely busy and want us to take control of everything, no problem.

We will manage your OOH project from start to finish. We will find you the most suitable media and the best sites. We issue timely artwork reminders, assist with design and print, manage installation and send those all-important posting photos.

If you prefer to keep things in-house and are just seeking an agency to process a booking for you, we can do just that!

Small OOH budget? We understand! Many of our clients come to us to book one site at a time and they see fantastic results! Some outdoor suppliers set unrealistic minimum spends for small businesses – we can help you avoid these and support your brand growth.

So, if you planning your next campaign, you’ll need to work out which media best suits your target market, contact multiple suppliers for sites and availability, trawl through columns, spreadsheets and map locations, calculate minimum spends, diarise deadlines, keep on top of designers, chase printers and make sure everything is delivered to the depot on time.

Or you could simply let Focal Point do it all for you!

Internal Train Panels

Buyers on board.

Internal train panel advertising is an excellent way to target commuters. The average commuter spends 40 minutes on board allowing plenty of dwell time. They often have mobile phone access to find out more about a product or make purchases. Furthermore, your audience is likely to see your ad repetitively, making it that much more memorable.

Over 60,000 train card panels are available and reach 7.5 million highly-connected rail users every four weeks. It is possible to target specific routes to and from locations, advertise locally or by region.

Panels can be overhead portrait panels or square panels.

Fuel Pump

Pump up your advertising.

With an average fill-up time of 2-3 minutes, motorists can view adverts for up to 52 seconds uninterrupted and are an eye-catching option, particularly in more rural areas.

We work closely with the only supplier of nozzles in the UK and cover 4,500 forecourts from remote roadside locations, supermarkets to bustling motorway services.

The number of nozzles varies per forecourt (the advertiser will always have exclusivity of the forecourt).

Our pricing model depends on whether they are roadside, supermarket or motorway locations.

Prices from £460 per 4-weeks.

Changing Rooms

Up close and personal messaging.

This is an intimate way to deliver your message to your desired audience in aspirational surroundings.

We can place A3 fitting room posters in a variety of high profile, high street fashion retailers allowing brands to engage with consumers in a non-competitive environment. Campaigns can be shaped by audience demographics.

Pharmacy / Sandwich Bags

Impact a local community.

We supply a stylish range of branded bags and food packaging through a variety of independent food and retail outlets.

The core product range includes sandwich bags, pizza boxes, deli bags, OTC pharmacy bags, CTN bags, chip and kebab wraps, plastic carriers via vet/pet shops, CTN’s, convenience stores or markets and other retail sectors.

This media range is very versatile with flexible targeting. Campaigns can be national, by TV region, by city or postcode. The media can be directed to an ABC1, C2 working audience, in-home family audience, OAPs, new mums, or students by means of location and eating/shopping habits.

This format allows you to have fun with your creative advertising by matching your message to the media.

Bus & Car Park Tickets

Tickets please!

Car Park Ticket Advertising provides the opportunity to put your brand directly in the hand of consumers throughout the UK. That is potentially millions of people every day who will recognise, read and respond to your message. High impact, cost effective, measurable, wide demographic and proven to increase footfall.


Be part of an experience.

Whether it’s 6 sheets, digital 6 sheets or on-screen advertising, cinema is a great way to advertise. It reaches an audience with an affinity with the medium and locations are often in close proximity to stores, retail outlets, bars and restaurants.

Poster sites are usually available in high-footfall areas like main foyers, lobbies and walkways.

Costs start from £400 per panel per 2-weeks.

On screen advertising can be offered at regional or national level. We book through the UK’s best cinema advertising contractor. Representing a wide range of cinemas, with multiplex chains offering landmark locations throughout the UK and Ireland including Showcase, Empire, Movie House, AMC and Omniplex sites.


Working with the UK’s busiest licensed premises, we offer unrivalled targeting of the elusive 18-35-year-old market at their chosen social destination.

There are 5000 bars with 17,000 washroom poster panels in our pubs, clubs and restaurants – clients can target specific male/female audience.

Beer Mats

Cheers to that!

Locations include pubs and up-market wine bars. Customers have a lengthy dwell time and are in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind. They are often in groups and advertising can spark conversation.

Around 40 million branded beermats are produced and distributed every year. In addition, clients can advertise on pint glasses, wine glasses and shot glasses. This allows specific, targeted gender and age-group advertising.

ATM Machines

Cash-in at the right time

ATM machines can be used to target consumers on a one-to-one basis. It is possible to tailor advertising messages to a variety of audiences.

ATMs are located in high-profile, busy locations and Focal Point will ensure your brand is displayed at prime sites throughout the UK.

There are four, powerful advertising modules to get your dynamic message across in a dynamic way to a captive audience thus increasing sales and building brand awareness.

Backed by substantial research and with successful blue-chip campaigns including British Airways, One.Tel and Capital Radio, ATM advertising is flexible enough to suit your individual campaign requirements or you can choose from a range of off-the-shelf packages.

ATM adverts attract the audience (10 second loop between transactions), interact with the audience

(five second loop plays video, stills or animation and is played on delivery of their cash) and thank the audience with a static screen at the end of a transaction and branded receipts.

Promotional Staff

Spread the word.

The most effective way of marketing your product or service is often by ensuring enough people are delivering your message.

Brand ambassadors are the face of your promotion campaign and can deliver brand experience. They engage with your target audience for brand activation, thus increasing awareness and engagement.

Brand ambassadors can wear video screens or jackets to help reinforce your message and can either stand alone or operate in groups. Promotional staff can be used to hand out leaflets, product samples, discount vouchers or give directions.

Key areas for targeting include shopping centres, exhibition and conference centres, music concerts, sports events, all public transport, pedestrianised areas and campus events.