The importance of long-term branding

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Long-term branding is still so vitally important, and a consistent creative approach can help drive brand metrics and saliency over time. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a coverage and frequency medium, so works best with reach and repetition. Using a consistent creative approach can be a powerful combination for driving brand metrics and saliency over time, and KJ Smith are the epitome of this effective marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can do the same 👇

Reach and Frequency:
– OOH excels at reach: Large format placements and strategic locations ensure your message reaches a broad audience, especially in high-traffic areas.
– Consistency strengthens frequency: Repeating your creative across various OOH formats increases the chances of individuals seeing your ad multiple times, boosting memorability

Brand Awareness and Recall:
– Visual impact of OOH: Bold visuals and strategic placements grab attention in the real world, making your brand stand out from the digital clutter.
– Consistent messaging reinforces: Using the same core message and branding elements across OOH campaigns creates a clear and recognisable identity, solidifying brand memory.

Emotional Connection and Brand Association:
– OOH offers unique creative possibilities: Larger-than-life formats and interactive elements can create unique experiences, fostering emotional connections with the brand.
– Consistency builds trust and familiarity: Seeing the same brand identity consistently builds trust and fosters the feeling of a well-established and reliable brand.

Additional benefits:
– Complements other marketing channels: OOH acts as a great awareness driver, directing audiences to online channels for further engagement.
– Provides local targeting: Choose specific locations to reach desired demographics or target specific neighborhoods with hyperlocal creative.

Key Takeaways:
– Creative needs to be impactful and memorable: Stand out in the physical environment with bold designs and clear messaging.
– Adapt to different formats: Tailor your creative to different OOH formats (billboards, transit ads, digital screens) while maintaining consistency.
– Integrate with other media: Use OOH alongside other marketing channels for a cohesive brand experience.

By leveraging the power of OOH and maintaining a consistent creative approach, you can effectively drive brand awareness, build lasting impressions, and ultimately achieve your desired brand metrics and saliency goals.