Why use Out of Home Advertising?

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Out Of Home (OOH) is flexible, reliable and effective. It’s always switched on, it’s unmissable and helps build brand trust. OOH is the ideal way for brands to connect with people through a variety of poster and digital formats in towns and cities all over the country. It’s the oldest advertising channel, and has stood the test of time. It dates back over 5,000 years when the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics for political messages, laws and treaties!

OOH is a trusted Medium.
According to a recent study by Rapport, brands that dedicate 15% or more of their media budgets to out-of-home experience a 24% increase in brand trust and a 106% increase in perception of brand quality.

As a one-to-many medium, OOH allows brands to instantly reach a large audience. Familiarity with a brand helps build trust – by using OOH, brands can shape consumer opinions in a positive, memorable way. OOH helps to maximise impact when it comes to brand reputation, reliability and authenticity.

The very public nature of outdoor advertising can lead consumers to believe brand messaging and gain confidence in their products – you can’t tell lies in public! OOH helps drive upper funnel metrics, as well as building awareness and consideration, enabling brands to shape their identity with bold creative, with the potential to make a brand instantly recognisable.

OOH is a reliable advertising channel and mirrors real-life.
OOH is a neutral medium. It doesn’t have a bias, and doesn’t lean to the left or the right. It cuts through the noise and meets us exactly where we’re at. It’s a cultural marker that mirrors what’s going on in the wider world. It reflects, it represents, and it relates. These ads were in the moment and the voice of public sentiment – authenticity is what makes these so real:

OOH provides a higher % reach than other media – Be where your audience is.
OOH audience measurement systems, such as Route, continue to demonstrate how the time consumers are exposed to OOH advertising matches closely to that of TV & online, and more than other media. OOH remains a key medium that surrounds audiences in their everyday environment. It can reach them while they are close to the point of sale, and when they are more receptive and are less distracted by other media. Stand out from your competitors, and complement other advertising channels.

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Simon Miller, May 2023